Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wonderful Vintage Posters

Manz Ag, Bamberg, circa 1930
70 x 43 cm

Every now and then our library at the uni gives away withdrawn books and today I was lucky enough to find something more exciting than literature on business, economics and other topics I'm not interested enough to read 800 pages on. I found these absolutely amazing vintage poster catalogues by Christie's Auction House. Do you know how happy stuff like this makes me? Very happy. Do you know what makes me even happier? Finding beautiful postcards in those catalogues. Yes, I'm a total sucker for postcards, especially if they are vintage. Year 1992 counts as vintage, right? Even if it doesn't, I'm completely in love with them. Where was I? Oh yeah, posters.

Zoologischer Garten Zurich
Otto Baumberger, 1929
127 x 90 cm

Isn't it amazing how creative and technically hard to produce these posters are? Some of them are from 1800s, which means everything, EVERYTHING was hand-done. Have you ever tried drawing typography so precisely that it looks like it was printed out? I have. Guess what? It's not easy. AT ALL.

La Menthe-Pastille
Leonetto Cappielo, circa 1929
160 x 121 cm

Odeon Casino
Walter Schnackenberg, 1911
127 x 89 cm

 I only scanned the ones shown in postcards, because when I started flipping through catalogues I couldn't really make my mind. There's so many of them ( I got 12 catalogues ) and they are so fascinating it's really hard to chose, so I will probably post them little by little, theme by theme. Since most of us aren't lucky enough to have about $2 000 to spend on a poster ( which I don't think is unreasonable price for something like this), I want to make a little collection on my own online for everyone to enjoy. I'm just that nice ;)

Le Petit Dauphinos
Leonetto Cappiello, 1933

Hugo Laubi, circa 1920

L. Lecorgne & Dr E. Clement
A. Lanier, 1905
Cover for ' L'Estampe Originale'
Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec, 1893
56 x 64 cm

Lait pur de la vingeanne sterilise
Theophile Alexandre Steinlen, circa 1896

Caffe Espresso Servizio Instantaneo
V. Ceccanti, circa 1900

Franz Lenhart, 1933

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