Sunday, 30 September 2012

My ideas are priceless (at least that's what the label says)

Hi. I'm Ana and I'm a sketchbookholic. This might not be a real word, but I swear it's a real condition. I just can't get enough of sketchbooks. Big ones, tiny ones, the ones with fancy covers, or the ones I make from scrap paper... I just love them. 
This being said, you can only imagine how I reacted when I saw this- a sketchbook in a shape of a gold bar!

Everyone who knows me knows I'm not that into gold in general, so obviously that's not what made me fall in love with this amazing little thing. It's the concept behind it that made me buy it (as if I really needed an excuse to buy something as awesome as this)

Write them down on this solid gold notepad and watch your profits soar.

So they call it a notepad. I call it sketchbook. Deal with it.

I've written some of my ideas inside already. Haven't really noticed any new gold bars lying around my room yet. Any second now.

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