Monday, 27 August 2012

Water Light Graffiti

the latest installation by a French artist Antonin Fourneau

Here's something we don't get to see every day. Or in my case, here's something I've never seen in my life! A huge canvas made of thousands of LEDs was open to the public in Poitiers, France, from July 22 to 24 and anyone lucky enough to be passing by was invited to leave their mark. How? By splashing water on this unusual wall! Or spraying it. Or using their wet fingers. AND! They wouldn't get electrocuted! 

This extraordinary canvas was rigged to light up upon contact with moisture, which resulted in people being able to draw or write using nothing but water. After a couple of minutes LEDs would dim, the canvas would go blank and it was ready for the next 'artist' to show off their skills.

Kyle Vanhemert from explains:
The wall used standard LEDs, and the trick behind it was a relatively simple one: He designed a piece he dubbed "the flower" to catch droplets of water, then use them to conduct electricity to the lights.

The possibilities were endless. Whether you like drawing ...

or prefer your art abstract..

There was a way to do it!

I'd love to see it reacting to different water temperatures or used as a floor for mapping people by the swimming pool.

What came to my mind when I started reading about this wasn't exactly what it turned out to be. Which is actually pretty awesome, because now I'm inspired to start a water light graffiti project of my own ;)

For a video click here

[via CoDesign]

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